Xu, Xun

Xun Xu — the deputy director of BGI-Shenzheni — presided over experimental technology of molecular biology, information technology research and development. He devoted himself to bioinformatics research, including genome assembly and annotation research for plant genomic, genetic polymorphism research based on the re-sequencing. At the same time, he engaged in explorations and studies on molecular breeding in plants, single cell operation and other experimental techniques, and built the experimental platform for micro-sequencing of single cell. He was the head of the American Section as well as the Associate Researcher of the BGI-Shenzhen in 2011.

At present, he was the deputy director of BGI-Shenzhen. 18 papers were published in high-impact journal including nature and science until now, he first or co-first author for 8 of them, and have undertaken scientific research projects 7 items, including National Science and Technology department “973” project, “863” project and the Ministry of Agriculture “948” project.

Thu July 11 | 4:30 - 6:00 | Plenary Session