Sarah Munro

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National Institute of Standards and Technology
Munro, Sarah

Dr. Sarah Munro is a bioengineer in the Biosystems and Biomaterials Division of the Material Measurement Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). She develops reference materials, data, and methods to provide confidence in biological measurements.

Her current research efforts include analysis of RNA external spike-in controls for method validation in RNA sequencing gene expression measurements, integration of functional genomics measurements to design new proteome reference materials, and development of new technical programs in metrology to support synthetic biology applications. She completed a National Research Council postdoctoral research associate award term at NIST and earned her Ph.D. in Biological and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University.

Wed July 10 | 2:00 - 4:00 | Parallel Session
ABSTRACT: Standards for Genome-scale Measurements (Sarah Munro and Marc Salit)

In the Biosystems and Biomaterials Division at NIST we develop measurement science infrastructure – standards, data, methods, and technology – to support characterization of complex biological systems and biomaterials. We’ve recently begun to consider measurement science needs in synthetic biology. A major focus of our research is development of standards for genome-scale measurements. Through the External RNA Controls Consortium we’ve developed a certified reference material for RNA spike-in control mixtures to use in gene expression measurements. These spike-in controls and the open-source analysis methods we’ve created provide the capability to assess technical performance of gene expression measurements. Through the Genome in a Bottle consortium we are currently developing whole genome reference materials and analysis methods. Synthetic biology is one focus of our new research partnership with Stanford University and private sector affiliates, the Advances in Biomedical Measurement Science (ABMS) program.