Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra

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London School of Economics and Political Science
Pardo-Guerra, Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra is a Lecturer in Sociology at the London School of Economics. He studied physics at UNAM, Mexico, and holds an MSc and PhD in science and technology studies from the University of Edinburgh. He currently works on how technology transformed financial markets between 1970 and 2010.

His research stresses the role of engineers and designers in the making of financial markets. It also looks into the role of algorithms and economic models in contemporary financial markets. Along with that of colleagues from Edinburgh and LSE, his work has informed the UK government’s policy on the future of computer-based trading in financial markets.

Wed July 10 | 2:00 - 4:00 | Parallel Session
ABSTRACT: Modelling the economy, creating the world

Modelling is a widely used practice within the study of markets and the economy. Recent studies suggest, however, that economic modelling is not merely a tool for representing an objective and external reality but rather operates as an instrument for intervening in the world. Economic models do not illustrate abstracted features of the economy: they fundamentally constitute its core. In this presentation, I will explore the uses of models in finance and economics, from how they define the course of nations, to how they constitute the fabric of financial markets. In doing so, I will explore a century of modelling practices, from the invention of national accounts in the early twentieth century to the dominance of algorithms and computer models in contemporary financial markets.