Jim Ajioka

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UniversIty of Cambridge
Jim A

Jim Ajioka is in the Dept. of Pathology at University of Cambridge. His research interests include the investigation of host-parasite interactions using Toxoplasma gondii as a model parasite and the construction of a whole-cell arsenic biosensor for use in the field. Functional genomic methods are used to understand how the parasite alters host signaling pathways for intracellular survival and replication.

A whole cell arsenic biosensor is being constructed to assess and map arsenic contamination of drinking water in South Asia. A disabled strain of Bacillus subtilis is being constructed as the chassis and a the arsenic operon used as the basis for construction of the arsenic sensing circuit. A range of signal amplifiers and pigment outputs are being tested and characterised to provide sensitivity at specific levels of arsenic.

Thu July 11 | 4:30 - 6:00 | Plenary Session