Hans Roubos

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Roubos, Hans

Hans Roubos is Principal Scientist Bioinformatics & Modeling at DSM. He manages the Bioinformatics & Modeling group @ the DSM Biotechnology Center (Delft, The Netherlands). His team takes part in multidisciplinary project teams for Food, Feed, Pharma and Industrial Biotech and supports them with: DNA construct design, Protein engineering, Metabolic pathway engineering, Omics data mining, Sequencing and Biostatistics.

In addition, he manages a project team dealing with technology development for rational strain engineering including concepts related to standardization, parallelization and automation.

Wed July 10 | 2:00 - 4:00 | Parallel Session
ABSTRACT: Standards in Synthetic biology - an industrial biotech perspective

DNA sequencing and DNA synthesis have become key enablers for innovation in industrial biotechnology. Rapid developments in throughput and cost reduction have resulted in a completely new perspective on the design and generation of improved strains and enzymes with new functionalities.  

DSM is a global player with application areas ranging from food, feed and pharma to bio-based chemicals and bio-based fuels. Thanks to bioinformatics, systems biology and the emergence of synthetic biology, we can now employ a rational approach towards metabolic and protein engineering. Standardization, parallelization and automation are key! Examples will be shown. Additionally, we will discuss how DSM would like to see standards coming from the synthetic biology community including education.