Arthur Prindle

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University of California San Diego
Prindle, Arthur

Arthur Prindle is a graduate student with Jeff Hasty at the University of California San Diego. His long-term research interests involve exploring novel microbial behaviors, distilling their design principles, and applying them toward new avenues in biotechnology.

Arthur was introduced to synthetic biology at Caltech (B.S. 2009) while doing his senior thesis with Richard Murray.

Tue July 9 | 2:00 - 4:00
ABSTRACT: Bacto-engineering: from biopixels to cancer

Bacto-engineering: from biopixels to cancer In many respects, bacteria are an ideal design platform for synthetic biology. They are small, extremely hardy, inexpensive to maintain, reproduce quickly, and comprise a vast array of species with unique properties. An expanding future landscape of integrated synthetic biology will utilize the native networks of diverse microbial species in concert with our own engineered gene circuits. In this talk, I will primarily describe an LCD-like array of colony “biopixels” that collectively report the concentration of a target compound with a frequency-encoded signal[1]. These synchronous oscillations are maintained across populations as large as 13,000 colonies over centimeter length scales. Multi-scale coordination is achieved by layering 2 modes of communication – local quorum sensing and global redox signaling that utilizes the native aerobic response network. I will also describe several snapshots of recent work edging toward the clinical arena. We show that existing genetic circuits function equivalently in clinically-relevant hosts[2], and develop an experimental approach to study their in-vivo performance using mouse models of cancer[3, 4]. This platform is enabling work toward therapeutic applications, where we are engineering oral probiotics for instrument-free cancer diagnostics[5]. 1.    Prindle, A., et al., A sensing array of radically coupled genetic ‘biopixels’. Nature, 2012. 481(7379): p. 39-44. 2.    Prindle, A., et al., Genetic Circuits in Salmonella typhimurium. ACS Synth Biol, 2012. 1(10): p. 458-464. 3.    Danino, T.*, Prindle, A.*, et al., Measuring growth and gene expression dynamics of tumor-targeted S. typhimurium bacteria. [In Review], 2013. 4.    Danino, T., et al., In Vivo Gene Expression Dynamics of Tumor-Targeted Bacteria. ACS Synth Biol, 2012. 1(10): p. 465-470. 5.    Danino, T.*, Prindle, A.*, et al., Oral probiotics for instrument-free cancer diagnostics. [In Preparation], 2013.