The Parts & Devices concept of standardized high-order construction

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Michael Liss, Christian Kranz, Melanie Heinrich, Ruth Kapzan, Peter Poltnig, Matthias Arenskoetter & Axel Trefzer

Life Technologies, Germany

In the past, all engineering disciplines have developed their own unique set of standardized components and toolsets to facilitate and accelerate the construction and development of novel items. We envision Synthetic Biology to be situated at the dawn of being a constructive technology, rather than a descriptive science. What’s lagging behind are the capabilities to (a) select suitable sequence elements from a well-defined database and (b) to assemble these in a defined but flexible way. As a key provider of gene synthesis and related services we observe an augmented demand for standard building blocks for higher-order construction, with a strong focus on individualized vector design. The presented Parts & Devices concept addresses these needs by setting up a database of well-described sequence parts ranging from promoters & terminators, to reporters & gateway sites. By providing an intuitive CAD software, users are enabled to combine these parts on a symbolic meta-level without any restrictions regarding the sequence junctions of the parts. Once the in silico design is final, customers can either order the fully assembled synthetic construct as a whole or obtain the separate parts, together with a kit for their seamless assembly. This complete package will further advance the transition of biotechnology into a true engineering discipline of Synthetic Biology.