Synthetic organization in vitro and in vivo

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Cameron Myhrvold, Mingjie Dai, Peng Yin, Pamela Silver

Harvard Medical School, United States

Biological systems exhibit exquisite spatial organization. Here, we propose to create synthetic structures based on DNA/RNA nanostructures to achieve greater levels of organization in vitro and in vivo. Such structures could potentially be utilized to scaffold metabolic enzymes, store molecular cargo, or even process information. Towards the first goal, we are expanding the range of temperatures and conditions under which single stranded tile (SST) DNA nanostructures can form isothermally. We are now capable of assembling SST structures across a wide range of temperatures and conditions, including biological conditions. In addition, we can modify structures to shift their assembly to specified temperatures. We aim to use DNA nanostructures to rapidly prototype RNA structures for eventual production in vivo.