SynBio Broker Business Model

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Valery Diaz, Alicia Racine, Jose Ng, Fotis Stringos, Kesia Barrows and Grimaldo Ureña

Universidad Tecnolgica de Panama (UTP), Panama

The SynBio Broker Business Model was developed to participate in the 2012 iGEM Entrepreneurship Competition, wining the “Best Business Model Analysis”. The business broker offers a consultancy service for the creators of biological systems and for companies that are interested in acquiring the technologies that synthetic biology provides. When a deal is closed, the broker takes care of all the transactions needed to deliver the biological system to its destination. The business gets monetary incomes for the consultant service and also for a percentage of the closed sales. Following is a more detailed explanation of the aspects covered by the service of the broker. First we get in touch with a company to hear its needs; then we make a complete study of the case to find a biological system that solves the problem. After that, we contact the creators of the biological system to buy the rights of using it. Later, we take the bought sequence of the biological system to a sequencer company to make it a physical product. Finally we deliver the product to its destination. We follow up every client after the transaction to make sure everything went as expected. This model was created inspired in the amazing projects presented in the iGEM Championship every year, lots worthy of becoming a reality. We are aware that companies have needs and problems, and most of them don’t know all the resources available in the world. This broker helps both parts by getting them in touch, giving the appropriate consultancy and making possible the delivery of a biological system ready to use.