Promoter Synthesis and Regulation in a Biofuel-Producing Thermophile

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Benjamin Reeve, Thomas Hargest Tom Ellis

Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Thermophilic microorganisms have many advantages for bioprocessing, however tools for their genetic manipulation remain under-developed. We employed a synthetic biology approach to the production and characterisation of promoters and other biological parts in order to expand the genetic tool kit for Geobacillus themoglucosidans. This will allow future rational engineering of the organism for improved biofuel and chemical production from renewable cellulosic feedstocks. Several constitutive and inducible promoters were characterised and a constitutive promoter library was produced. Thermophilic fluorescent reporters were investigated to enable rapid characterisation. With this toolkit we aim to make Geobacillus the premier chassis choice for thermophilic synthetic biology.