DNA Assembly Wizards

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Marie-Joëlle Schmidt, Chris French, Alan Hale, Tim Gallagher

Genabler, United Kingdom

One of the major bottlenecks in the field of synthetic biology is the assembly of DNA ‘parts’ into larger pathways or genomes. To address this, the Genabler proprietary technology was developed with funding from Scottish Enterprise to enable the next generation of genome engineering by designing and generating combinatorial DNA assemblies on a high throughput scale. We describe a methodology that is capable of assembling in a single reaction as many as ten parts into biological pathways using a specific restriction endonuclease and T4 DNA ligase. Furthermore, the technology allows the combination of any input part in any desired order thanks to unique compatible ends that are designed by Genabler proprietary bioinformatics software. The entire process is ready to be automated offering the generation of large assemblies in a fast, reliable and robust manner. Technical examples of metabolic pathways will be presented and discussed in further detail. Genabler was founded following a three-year research program involving prominent UK and US based companies and academic research groups. As well as being available to UK academics via a straightforward research use license, Genabler works with global partners in the consumer products, energy, agbio, industrial biotech, and biopharmaceuticals industries to develop innovative bioproducts and processes. In sum, Genabler provides reliable and cost effective assemblies to its partners with the ultimate aim being the development of future products that have a smaller environmental impact, improved production economics, or enhanced characteristics.