Bio fabrication – Experiencing the peculiarity of biology

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Marguerite Benony, Nicolas Koutsoubelis, Paris Bettencourt iGEM and the SynBClub under the supervision of Edwin Wintermute


The Paris Bettencourt iGEM Team and the CRI Synthetic Biology Club will present a work of interactive biodesign. Our team of undergraduate and master’s students includes biologists, engineers and designers. How might biofabrication become a part of our daily lives? Cellulose is an everyday material and an industrial commodity. We have developed a system to modify, color and shape cellulose as it is produced by live cultures of Acetobacter xylinum. By connecting a living organism to a familiar product, we will invite attendees to consider possible applications of synthetic biology in a model system. What are the strengths, weaknesses, and quirks of biological production? What is biology good at? Biology is noisy, visceral, and evolving. Often biology does not easily adapt to traditional industrial standards of uniformity and precision. Yet life has unique properties, adaptiveness and variability, that may inspire a new perspective on engineering and design. We will invite SB 6.0 participants to explore biocellulose as a biofabrication case study, and to create their own SB 6.0 souvenirs.